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About Us

is a network of connected, young and passionate software engineers. Our firm is based in Ha Noi, Viet Nam and was founded by 4 experienced and enthusiastic software engineers in .

Who we are

We are young, small start-up. We build everything around "People". We are agile software engineers, passionate for work / life balance. We all love programming and are addicted to new technologies.

Our mission

To be a leading software firm and outsourcing service provider. Build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer service with innovative solutions and advanced technology.

What we do

We always apply best practice in the software development process and use the very latest technology. We build up young and talented software engineers to a world class level. We warrant customer satisfaction to the best of our ability with reasonable cost and a excellent maintenance service provided by dedicated engineers.

We love our clients

We are honest, open and friendly. We pride ourselves in working as part of a team and build all our relationships on trust. We are passionate about our work and strive for a great work / life balance.

Our Team

We are a skilled team of professionals in the field of software development. We use our passion for development to deliver the best software applications. With the combination of technology, know-how and great communication, we are able to create complete solutions for our clients.

.NET leader software outsourcing development

Started his software engineering career since 2004, beginning with smart card and biometric and database developer for 4 years

Mai The Hung

CEO & Founder

Game, C, C++, VOIP, embedded, Android, IOS, Mobile leader software outsourcing development

Linux based and VOIP expert, proficiency on C, C++, Java and low level programming language.

Nguyen Tran Nh

CTO & Founder

.NET, Enterprise, BI, Windows Phone, Azure, Sql Server, Sharepoint leader outsoucing development

A .NET guru on enterprise application (both Web and PC) and cloud-based services.

Pham Manh Tien


Game, Mobile, Android, IOS, Java, C,C++ executive software outsourcing development

Graduated with grade A level from National University, IT department, great and sensitive observer, thinker.

Duong Van Phuc


5 Stars based on 121 reviews

18 members
20 projects
982458 coffee cups
888150 lines of code

Our Services

We provide an outsourcing service for web, mobile and game development. We are experts in .NET and Java and provide a dedicated developer service for C/C++, JAVA, .NET, PHP and mobile.


PHP, Node.js, Zend, Yii, Bootstrap, Angular JS, PhalconPHP, Symfony, Lavarel, .NET MVC web based. WCF and Web API.


Android native application, Phone, Tablet, TV, iPhone, iPad. Hybrid Android app using phonegap, Xamarin. IOS native application.


Enterprise software development using Microsoft technology: .Net framework, Spring framework, cloud technology. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento


Cocos2dx game development. 3D mobile game development using Unity3D, Unreal 4, Irrlicht, Box2d, Bullet. We also have experience with Virtual reality (VR)


We have a bench team of talented Software Test Engineers available for your project with as little as one day’s notice.


Sems encoding, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio, OpenSIPs, MEGACO, MGCP, SIP client. Mobile OTT application. Codec integration.


Big Data, Wearable Apps, WebOS Apps. Using Arduino, Rasberry Pi devices, embedded device and microcontroller.


.NET developer, Java developer, PHP developer, Android developer, IOS developer, Embedded developer

Our Work

This is just the beginning for us at nccsoft... but here are a couple of projects we want to show you.

our family

We are young and smart people. We work hard but also play hard. Here is the nccsoft family.

Meet our team members

  • .NET, AngularJS, Javascript, frontend developer

    To be, or not to be...

    Haonh / Frontend expert

  • Java, Android, Oracle developer

    Enjoy every moment

    Tungns - Java/Android

  • PHP, Web programming, CMS, Lavarel developer


    Thaihv - Web/Mobile

  • Cocos2d-x game mobile developer

    What doesn't kill you makes you stranger

    Giangtl - Game Dev

  • Cocos2d-x, unity3D, game mobile developer

    We were born to die

    Anttt - Game Dev

  • PHP, Web programming developer

    Hello World!

    Thienda - Web Dev

  • Web tester

    Ezio auditore

    Vinhnt - Tester

  • Web graphic designer

    Actions speak louder than words

    VanNguyen - Designer

  • Pair programming

    Shifu Master of coding

    PhucDuong - AnTran

  • Offshore development team

    Chém gió - blow one's trumpet

    Team building

  • Outsourcing company's activity

    Together We Can

    Team building

  • Outsourcing company's activity

    Duong Dai - .NET/Game

    Keep It So Simple

  • Outsourcing company's activity

    Mobile Game Dev

    Quan Nguyen

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